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Ian McCall was slated to fight Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 73 but sadly had to pull out because of injury. McCall (13-5) caught up with MMAOddsBreaker on Episode 115 of The Parting Shot Podcast this Sunday to talk about his most recent injury. Injury that forced him out of Dustin Ortiz fight at UFC Fight Night 73″I have a tear in my shoulder, in my labrum and a tear from my own nostrils. I mean I’m literally at the physicians now talking about it. It is exactly what it is, we train hard and I’m brittle apparently. I must pull out of a good deal of s**t. It sucks, but when you train as hard as I do and you’ve been doing so as long as I do, its part of the game” Career Plagued with Injuries”My UFC profession has been only been plagued with accidents and it is frustrating. This is my chief source of income, I still have other things I do but this is my principal source. I have a little girl to feed, that I feed my own and it stinks. However, on a different note, this really is my enthusiasm; this is precisely what I love to perform. I’m 31 years old, I’m not getting younger I’ve already been in fights for 13 years. To watch my body neglect me time and time again it is hard. It’s one of these things it makes you question a lot. I am such a healthy person, my loved ones is like incredibly healthy, and you know my kid has to have a very strict diet. I have had my hip, groin tear, that can be bad. I’m sure I will have to get a hip replacement eventually. I’ve had three hand surgeries. I got into a car accident not long ago and messed up my shoulder. It is always something, but it’s far better than having an actual job.” Being Positive and Optimistic”Most of my life I’ve been a pessimist to become honest. I look at it in various ways, it might be worse, I could be dead. I could have lost full use of my arm or whatever. There are a whole lot of things I consider. I must keep a positive attitude because I have to be a good role model for team-mates and my child. It is one of these things I am not going to sit around and sulk. That is what it is, I’ll be al right.” Thoughts on Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson II at UFC 191″Demetrious is evolving and I think that now he’s found a bit more power in his punches. His entire game is always changing and getting better. I think he will beat Dodson, is he likely to finish [him]? I really don’t understand. I think this will be one man he’ll have a hard time completing. He ended Horoguchi with one minute left, as far as I wish to beat his face in, he is outstanding. He is the precise guy you want as winner in regards to performance. I’m likely to go with him on this one for sure.” Reduction to John Lineker”Oh man that was huge. I got too emotional; I showed the very first round I could definitely beat him. People were just like’Oh he’s a bantamweight’ I do not care; the man still is not very good I must have overcome him. I think I showed that you’re not going to knock me out even though you are a big puncher. My face will split open until you knock me out and that is exactly what occurred. With me it is outside things, they always distract me, girl issues or what have you. I just kind of dropped after that first round. I am smart enough to know I was going to drop that struggle sitting . Anthony Kiedis and Dane White came around and said hi and I am just kind of like, I am screwed. That was a mental thing, that’s always been my biggest downfall. I have a brand new mental coach, he is my mind Sherpa. He’s overall made me a much better individual. As far as goes, he is a large part of it.” Feeling Overlooked in Flyweight Division”I would not say overlooked, there’s other folks to discuss. I blew it with John; I screwed up in this struggle. So perhaps I don’t deserve to be talked about it. Let us state this injury is just 6 months, they will talk about me after that, that is fine. There are different people that deserve it. It does matter how good I could be or how good I am, it is not my turn. DJ needs individuals to fight, the division needs people to shake and move and make a big jolt. I don’t mind it, it’s cool, whatever.” Raising a daughter as a single father”Yeah it’s not easy; realistically I do not know anything about girls. I know how to get one in bed that is about it. I sit there sometimes and stare at her like’what’s going on?’ Do not cut your hair, do not put soap in areas, like I don’t know. Realistically I’ve a lot aid, I live with my father. My dad got a divorce, he explained proceed in, and I’ll help you out. My dad’s retired so he kind of plays mommy on a daily basis. My step mother is still around; my daughter’s grandma is about so I do have a lot of help. So I’m not going to say I am doing this alone, because I am not. It requires a village to raise a kid and I received a village of folks around me. Even though there are times where I have to take her into the gym, there is always someone there. She is pretty damn independent I will take her to the shore; she can run about and swim on her own. She is going to be alright.” UFC Reebok Uniforms”I’d like to work for a fashion design company; the sole real fighters I hang out with are either people I am forced to hang out with or my buddies. I hang out with artists, fashion designers, artists and musicians and stuff. They’re hideous, like Jose Aldo stated we seem like f***kin Power Rangers. The gear is actually comfortable; clearly Reebok creates a fantastic product. I don’t know who left the layout, regardless of what generation we are in 80′s 90′s, that does not match anything, it is just ugly. But perhaps I am wrong; perhaps I’m looking for something a bit cooler looking. Its functionality based equipment; that is all that matters. It’s an evolution of the game. We wanted it to excel, sure we are not going to have paid that much cash but it is what it is. If you have a problem then quit, these are the amounts we must manage. Now if you’re smart and you can market yourself and advertise yourself in manners like I’ve. I have external patrons; I’ve Layrite, which is similar to a hair and mustache merchandise. I’ve got a lot of clothes and lifestyle businesses. I get a good deal of exposure from stuff like that. People need to know t to step away from the box, make money for themselves and also have a wise agent” Thoughts on Reebok Deal”Yeah that would have been nice, but at exactly the exact same time they operate a business. They operate a multi-billion dollar company that is a premiere sports league. If you see the machine which is the UFC, in the inside it is outstanding. The people are excellent; the business design is simply remarkable. I would never say anything bad about the way that it’s all operate, it is amazing if you appreciate business. The matter is they did not have to consult us because it’s their business. We’re a commodity; as far as I wish to say trendy we should be making money such as baseball, football and basketball. Because we ought to we’re actually putting our lives on the line. But we are not and I do not wish to estimate Urijah Faber, he said’I got into this for the cash’ honestly I catch it, I am a businessman.” Outside sponsors”Financially I’m always going to be ok. I’m always going to find methods [to earn money]. I have a portion of a social networking company, I own a show that I host called Direct Endorsement, and it’s a significant charity matter. I have other things that’s going to make me money, so I will be fine. I really do believe for guys that don’t have much else or guys that aren’t that smart. But that’s their own fault, figure out it it’s not rocket science” Being on Joe Rogan’s”Fight Companion” series”Yeah I was speaking to Joe not too long ago. I have a developing friendship with Joe for quite a while, we constantly talk about it but it’s a little bit of a drive out of my home with all the visitors. I will be up there shortly, I must do some stuff in the area so that I’ll be on there soon.” You follow Ian on Twitter @Unclecreepymma along with his host You may listen to the full audio version of this interview on Episode 115 of this Parting Shot Podcast that Sunday.

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UFC 234: Whittaker vs. Gastelum staff picks and predictions

The Bloody Elbow staff has made its predictions for UFC 234, and it is a clean sweep for Robert Whittaker to defend his middleweight title by beating Kelvin Gastelum, whilst everybody is backing Israel Adesanya over Anderson Silva from the co-main event. To put it differently, congrats to Gastelum and Silva in their wins on Saturday.
ESPN+ Has Live Sports Covered
Be sure to catch all of the upcoming fights, including UFC 234: Whittaker vs Gastelum on Saturday, Feb 9, by subscribing to ESPN+…
Note: Predictions are entered during the week and gathered the day prior to the event. Explanations behind every pick aren’t required and some writers elect not to do this for their own reasons. For example, if Phil Mackenzie entered all of his predictions on Wednesday without incorporating in any excuses , he has no idea if he is likely to be the only one siding with a single fighter for any given fight.
Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum
Anton Tabuena: 2 former welterweights fighting for the middleweight belt. Will this convince people that extreme weight cutting really isn’t worth the trade off in operation? Likely not, but this should be an entertaining bout either way at the least. I believe this is going to be even closer than what the odds state, but I believe Whittaker is just marginally better just about everywhere, so he should take this. Robert Whittaker by choice.
Mookie Alexander: Gastelum absolutely has a chance . He’s got strong hands, insane strength — not Whittaker’s durability is to be scoffed at by any means — and excellent cardio. However, he’s not going to be able to shoot Whittaker down (or at least maintain him there), and Whittaker has far more depth to his offensive striking. His leg kicks in particular can slow Gastelum down, and I believe he cuts angles and mixes up his attack choice and goals more efficiently than Kelvin. It’ll be a close fight through the opening few rounds but Whittaker will come on strong at the later rounds and get the win. Robert Whittaker by decision.

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UFC 226 Predictions and Betting Odds

International Fight Week culminates in UFC 226, one of the greatest cards on paper we’ve seen in a while. This card is stacked top to bottom — I’d seriously advise watching nearly all the bouts on this card — but that doesn’t always lend itself nicely to bettors. Do not worry, I am here to bring you a comprehensive breakdown and forecast for every single fight on the primary card of UFC 226.
2018 Prediction Record To Date
Straight Up Selecting Notifications Picking Underdogs
27-19 23-13 4-6
Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier
Miocic (-250) has assembled his game around his world-class boxing abilities. He always probes together with his long jab as he waits for his opportunity to cancel. That having been said, Miocic could be better if he is fighting in a phone booth with more energy in his brief punches than most people have, period. In addition, the reigning winner is a former D1 wrestler that has adapted his personality excellently to MMA. Ordinarily, these skills are utilized but Miocic may also use them offensively to wear down opponents — see his most recent bout versus Francis Ngannou. When he’s one big negative, it is his defense. He’s got a terrible tendency to take a hit to give a hit.
Cormier (+195) is first and foremost a series wrestling pro. The former Olympian is at his best when he could get his competitor’s back against the cage and begin working his enormous array of takedowns. If he gets on top, DC is a master at making his opponent work when offering them go. His striking is not the sexiest but the meat-and-potatoes approach is getting an superb secondary skill set for Cormier. Though he’s proven as a heavyweight — 13-0 in the weight class — his height and reach disadvantage is going to be pronounced in this one.
Unlike the gambling odds, I would not be shocked if Cormier won this fight. The only person to ever beat him is Jon Jones. However, Miocic is an excellent boxer who will make use of his reach advantage over the smaller Cormier along with the heavyweight winner’s wrestling background means he will not be steamrolled by the former Olympian.

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UFC London is place using its main and co-main occasion. The card takes place March 16 at The O2 Arena in London, England, along with my thoughts on the two new high-profile bouts added to the card are under.
Darren Until Armour Jorge Masvidal, UFC Fight Night 147
An exciting welterweight matchup involving Darren Until and Jorge Masvidal is set as the headlining five-round battle at UFC Fight Night 147. ESPN broke the news. Till (17-1-1) is 5-1-1 overall in the UFC and in his final bout endured his first career loss by submission to winner Tyron Woodley at UFC 228. Until remains one of the most popular fighters in the branch, and all Europe, so despite the reduction he always made a great deal of awareness to headline this card in London. He flirted with the idea of moving around middleweight but chose to remain at welterweight to get his hands on Masvidal, who stylistically should wear a fantastic fight against Till. Masvidal (32-13) is 9-6 overall in the UFC and has not fought as a 2017 conclusion loss to Stephen”Wonderboy” Thompson. He hasn’t really won a fight in almost two decades since a TKO win over Donald Cerrone, but is still obviously a dangerous and skilled fighter. Masvidal was presumed to fight Nick Diaz in UFC 235, but that fight fizzled and he’ll now take on forever.
I’m expecting a very competitive struggle between Till and Masvidal, however given that he’s from England and considering all the gambling support he normally gets, I totally anticipate Till to be the favorite here. I really do think it is a close fight but would definitely be interested in Masvidal if he’s available at a plus amount.
Leon Edwards vs. Gunnar Nelson, UFC Fight Night 147
At the same time, a welterweight bout between contenders Leon Edwards and Gunnar Nelson is going to function as co-main occasion of UFC Fight Night 147. Edwards (16-3) is 8-2 in the UFC and is actually riding a silent six-fight win streak at the moment with a decision win over Donald Cerrone in his final outing. He’s quietly developed to one of the best welterweights in the UFC, but has been waiting to get his hands on a top-10 opponent. He has finally found a taker in the form of Nelson, who is coming from a massive win over Alex Oliveira at UFC 231. Nelson (17-3-1) rode a 1.5 years layoff to the Oliveira battle but completely dominated him for one of the biggest wins of his UFC career to date. He has never climbed to the championship level that lots of observers of the game expected he at one point in time, but he has still recognized himself to be a good fighter at 170lbs, along with the triumph over Oliveira revealed precisely how good he’s at his best.
This seems like a different competitive fight. Edwards has shown a well-rounded game in his last few fights but Nelson is obviously an incredibly-dangerous finisher and is coming from a big win. Depending on the recent win over Oliviera I’d guess Nelson is pegged as the favorite here, but I think Edwards could have a good deal of risks in what ought to be a very close fight.
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Germany casinos and gambling guide

Germany Casinos & German Gambling Scene

The country boasts of around gaming centers that are legal. The majority of the gambling happens in casinos and about the casinos cruises. These include pari-mutuel centers and casinos. Gambling in Germany improved and casinos sprung up in various parts of the country.
Casinos in Germany
Casinos in Germany are abounding. Virtually all the casinos are specific about keeping strict dress code. Men aren’t allowed inside in blue jeans, sneakers or sandals. A tie Is Crucial for entering into some of the casinos such as Spielbank Baden-Baden, Spielbank Aachen, and Casino Berlin & Forum Hotel Berlin. Each of the casinos in Germany require you to show your ID passport or proof. The majority of the casinos do not permit people under the age of 18 and have a the age limit that is given. A small entrance fee also charges their visitors. In addition, you will need to sign up a debt warranty note in for almost any dues or debts you might have during the duration of your gaming tasks.
Casinos in Germany have approximately 80 to 150 slots. For instance Bayerische Spielbank Bad F??ssing has 84 slots, where Spielbank Berlin Has 100 slots. On the other hand Casino Bad Oeynhausen has more than 140 slots and Spielbank Baden-Baden has 128 slots and 15 table games.
The absolute most preferred table games in Germany are American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, French Roulette, German Roulette, Poker and its variants. Apart from table and slots games, casinos in Germany also provide restaurants restaurants, clubs and discotheques for total entertainment of their visitors.

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The former bantamweight champion could be returning to the cage that this summer for the first time in almost 3 years. It was reported that this week on UFC Tonight that Dominick Cruz, the former UFC bantamweight champion, is targeting a return to the Octagon at UFC 177, which can be set to take place August 30 at Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Cruz’ head coach at Alliance MMA at San Diego, Eric Del Fierro, their camp wants Cruz to take on top competition Takeya Mizugaki in his comeback game. With a win over Mizugaki, Cruz would place himself really near getting another crack. Cruz has not fought since October 2011, when he defeated current UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson through five-round unanimous decision in a strategic event. Overall Cruz defended the UFC/WEC bantamweight title four times between 2010 and 2011 before suffering a major knee injury in 2012 which has kept him out of the cage for more than two years now. But it ought to be noted that he currently has among the longest winning streaks of fighter in the branch with 10-straight successes over the likes of Urijah Faber, Brian Bowles, Joseph Benavidez, Scott Jorgensen, Ian McCall, and the above Johnson. Despite missing so much time, the UFC allow him hold on his belt until last year, when enough was enough and the advertising stripped off the title from him and gave it into interim bantamweight champ Renan Barao. UFC president Dana White explained that Cruz would exude an immediate title shot upon his return to the cage, but with TJ Dillashaw bothering Barao and carrying the title this past May at UFC 173, it makes more sense for Cruz to combat somebody else prior to getting another crack at the belt. A struggle between Cruz and Mizugaki would be excellent, and it might help ascertain where precisely”The Dominator” matches in the branch at the current time. At one point he was considered one of the best five pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but after missing so much time with injury and with so much cage rust, so it makes sense for him to fight somebody first before obtaining his title shot, and the matchup between Mizugaki makes a whole lot of sense. If this fight goes , Cruz would enter the struggle as a minor favorite but with this much time and with Mizugaki on this a wonderful streak right now, there’s no way it’s a gimme fight by any means and there might certainly be an upset brewing if Cruz isn’t anywhere close to what he was used to look like.
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